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Will my baggage go straight to the destination?

Will my baggage go straight to the destination?

Do you have to change planes during your journey to your final destination? What happens to your checked baggage and where can you collect it from the baggage carousel? When the transfer time is shorter than 24 hours, it is called a transfer. When it takes more than 24 hours, it is called a stop-over . In this case, your luggage will not be forwarded to your destination, and you will have to collect it from the baggage carousel during the stop-over. Forwarding luggage is only possible for flights with a transfer within **24 hours.**

You can verify where your luggage will be offloaded at the check-in desk.

Transfer with the same airline or with a partner

Your baggage is almost always sent to your final destination. There are some exceptions, such as North America, Australia and South Africa. If you have a transfer there, you must always collect your luggage at the baggage claim and check in again for the next flight.

Transfer with two separate tickets with the same airline or partner airline

Your luggage will not be sent to the final destination if you have booked separate tickets. If you have a connection and you are flying with the same airline, you can ask at the check-in counter if it is possible to send your luggage to your destination.

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