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Can I fly with my pet?

Can I fly with my pet?

Travelling with pets is considered a Special Service and must therefore be requested to the airline prior to departure, preferably at the time of booking.

As almost all airlines have restrictions and limit the number of pets they can carry both in the cabin and the cargo hold, including blackout periods during summer or winter, we recommend you make your request as soon as possible and before your tickets are issued.

Depending on the type of animal, its size and weight, the airline may allow you to take your pet with you in the cabin; otherwise your pet will have to travel in the aircraft hold. Bear in mind that not all airlines offer this service (almost none of the low-cost airlines) and an additional fee may apply.

Animals in the cabin

The maximum weight allowed for domestic cats and dogs varies depending on the airline but is generally between 5 kg and 8kg (pet carrier included). The pet's carrier, its leash and food must go through the scanner during the security check, while your pet must go through the metal-detector either in your arms or walking. Pets can walk on a leash at the airport, however have to remain for the whole flight duration in the pet carrier positioned under the seat in front of you.

If you’re travelling with a recognised assistance dog (for example, guide dog or hearing dog), your dog will be allowed to travel with you in the cabin and is normally not restricted by weight restrictions or required to be in a pet carrier.

Animals in the cargo hold

Animals that cannot be transported inside the cabin, due to their weight and size, will be transported in an approved container in an air-conditioned area of the cargo hold. The airline will request you to bring your own pet carrier that will need to comply with specific regulations and requirements in terms of size, security and ventilation. Please check those specifications with your airline.

Travel documents and health certificates

Transportation of live animals is subject to Domestic and International regulations. You are required to get a veterinary certificate and passport for your pet, as well as the relevant vaccinations, compliant with your country of origin and destination. We recommend consulting the embassies of the country of departure and the country of destination to find out which documents are required and which rules apply to transporting your pet. Due to the regulations of an individual country, it is possible that your animal cannot be transported, even if the requirements stated here are fulfilled.

Should you need to travel with your pet, please contact airline to handle your request.

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